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CSN In Action

Cash for work- COVID response

July 15, 2020

Cash for work policy is started by government of Nepal to support the unemployed people along the year by providing minimum days of work by the government in the community. This project is run by Prime Minister Employment Program (PMEP). Today, Corona crisis all over the world is the major problem of unemployment around the global. Nepal is one of the under developing nation whose economy is badly affected by the Corona virus crisis and increases unemployment. Some people in the rural part o...

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Midas e-CLASS started in Janaki Secondary School,Nuwakot

January 11, 2019

The School Sector Development Plan (SSDP; 2016/17–2022/23) envisages the establishment and operation of a number of Model Schools to demonstrate improved teaching-learning and student learning outcomes.

Most of the schools in Nepal are still being run in a conventional way in terms of management and teaching-learning. The whole school environment is focused on encouraging children to get the text by heart. The text books and ...

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Capacity Building Training to Child Club Members

December 30, 2018

  Co-operation Society Nepal (CSN) , with the financial support of Sunrise children's Association Inc. Australia (SCAI) and matching fund of Shivapri Rural Municipality   organized a capacity building training (Orientation ) to child clubs members of 16 schools of shivapuri RM  from 29th   to 30th  December  2018 at Shivapuri RM office Shera bagar. . The activities of this training took place for the period of two days which included classroom sessions together w...

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अभिभावकका लागि रुपान्तरण विषयक तालिम सम्पन्नः

March 29, 2017

सहकार्य समाज नेपाल नुवाकोटको समन्वयमा,बाल विकास समाजले नुवाकोट जिल्लाका ५ वटा गा.वि.स.मा रहेका किशोरकिशोरीहरुलाई लागि अभिभावकहरुको माध्यमबाट सशक्तिकरण गर्नका लागि अभिभावकका लागि रुपान्तरण विषयक ५ दिने प्रशिक्षक प्रशिक्षण तालिम बट्टार, नुवाकोटमासम्पन्न भएको छ । IMG_2482 यही चैत ११ देखि १५ गतेसम्म ५ दिने तालिम आफ्ना बालबालिका तथा किशोरकिशोर...

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Presentation in AGM of CONSORTIUM

January 21, 2017

CSN is conducting various child right (including child participation) related programs /activities like  awareness,child club formation,child gathering, campaign,education, sponsor,health etc.from our established date.We are interested to connect network of various child   based organization,therefore we have apply for member of Consortium of Organizations working for Child participation (CONSORTIUM) Read More

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