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Cash for work- COVID response

Cash for work policy is started by government of Nepal to support the unemployed people along the year by providing minimum days of work by the government in the community. This project is run by Prime Minister Employment Program (PMEP).

Today, Corona crisis all over the world is the major problem of unemployment around the global. Nepal is one of the under developing nation whose economy is badly affected by the Corona virus crisis and increases unemployment. Some people in the rural part of Nepal are badly affected due virus crisis and long lockdown by the government to which they are facing problem to provide enough food to the family member. Dupcheshwor RM is one of the affected areas by virus crisis leading unemployment because nearly 2000 people are working out of the RM (except Kathmandu Valley). Now, some percent of people had been returned and others are in  the process of returning back to the village that makes the majority of people unemployed. Dupcheshwor RM is one of the areas where UNDP and partner organization CSN is running CILRP project.  Now UNDP/CILRP/CSN is supporting  few schemes on the Dupcheshwor RM on matching funds from the CILRP project with RM and Prime Minister Employment Programmed to give minimum work to those people.


This cash for work project help to those financially weak people of the community who are selected by the ward office. This project provides the cash support for those financially weak people, but the workers have to do minimum work that is estimated by the technician in the field. The project is all about using nearly 100% human manpower in the field to complete the estimated work supported by providing minimum tools for work.


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