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Midas e-CLASS started in Janaki Secondary School,Nuwakot

The School Sector Development Plan (SSDP; 2016/17–2022/23) envisages the establishment and operation of a number of Model Schools to demonstrate improved teaching-learning and student learning outcomes.

Most of the schools in Nepal are still being run in a conventional way in terms of management and teaching-learning. The whole school environment is focused on encouraging children to get the text by heart. The text books and teaching aids made available by the central level only are being used.

“For all these reasons, teaching and learning that are suitable to children has not been addressed properly. In the model schools, these issues are addressed. If the techno-friendly and inductive teaching environment exists in the schools, children can learn quickly and they will have less mental stress while reading and writing”. (Source: SSDP Guidelines and National Framework for Child Friendly School.)

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Co-operation Society  Nepal (CSN) under the funding support of  Sunrise Children Association (SCAI) Australia are implementing” Project for the development of disadvantaged and vulnerable children and communities in Nepal through child protection, education and livelihood support, Nuwakot, Nepal”. This project intends to add some motivational and promotional support for community based/government schools so as to improve qualitative teaching – learning and measurable improvement. Therefore, this Emidas support plan is proposed for the promotion and support for school to improve qualitative teaching and learning through the introduction of Emidas form class ECD,1,2,3 and 4.




  • School will ensure sufficient space and security to place the equipment.
  • School will ensure adequate trained school staff to use equipment to maximum capacity and effectiveness.
  • School will ensure all equipment is promptly repaired and maintained.

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  • Midas E-class class will be conducted for class ECD, 1,2,3 and 4 in line with government model school guidelines to contribute to ‘techno-friendly and inductive teaching environment in community based/government school’ plan.
  • Students and teachers are provided opportunity to use Midas e-Class on a regular basis

Expected outcome

  • Increased learning effectiveness resulting in greater retention of topics by students and improved results
  • More regular attendance of students.
  • Reduce dropout rate of students and staying in school longer.
  • Promotion of Janaki SS as model school.

Measurable Indicator

  1. Decrease dropout of students to 1 % (Baseline 3%)
  2. Attendance of student will increase to 96 % (Baseline 90%)
  3. Record of government acknowledging Janaki SS to become a model school

Proposed School and Rational for selection

  1. Janakai Secondary School, Mahakali.
  2. Name of School Management Committee Chairperson : Shyam Tamang                Contact Number : 9866951316/9849040586
  3. Name of Head teacher: Ramkrishna Thapa.                                                                                                Contact Number : 9841564176
  4. Location : Shivapuri RM- 5, Mahakali.
  5. Total Number of Students : 323
  6. Date of Establishment: 2021 B.S.
  7. Coverage: Shivapuri Rural Municipality Ward No. 4 ,5 and 6.
  8. Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries : (Students, Teachers and parents)


Shivapuri Rural Municipality has prioritized some schools for a model school located in RM , one of them is Janaki Secondary School. In line with the Model School Establishment, Development and Operation Concept Paper–2073, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has prepared and issued this Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Model schools–2073 for selecting existing secondary schools and transforming them into Model Schools through intensive support in physical and educational dimensions.  Janaki Secondary School, Mahakali meets following criteria to be promoted as model school:

School has adequate land for building and open space.

  • Adequate Electricity Supply.
  • School has RCC building and 14 rooms for class.
  • Location of school is approachable to road transportation.
  • School is located in area with regular transportation facility to market and within 15 minutes or half an hour walk to RM Office.
  • School is located in area which is easily accessible to children of more than one ward or two wards of Rural Municipality
  • The geographical location of school is away from potential risk of flood and soil erosion.


Sustainability of project

  • Rural Municipality has prioritized Janaki SS for promoting as model school.
  • CSN and Janaki SS will enter an agreement where Janaki SS is liable to renew Emidas software on annual basis from next academic calendar year and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of TV, CPU and other necessary accessories for the continual operation of Emiads at least for 6 academic calendar years. CSN/SCAI reserves right to get return all assets provided if school fails to fulfill its obligation as outlined in bilateral agreement.


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