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Capacity Building Training to Child Club Members


Co-operation Society Nepal (CSN) , with the financial support of Sunrise children’s Association Inc. Australia (SCAI) and matching fund of Shivapri Rural Municipality   organized a capacity building training (Orientation ) to child clubs members of 16 schools of shivapuri RM  from 29th   to 30th  December  2018 at Shivapuri RM office Shera bagar. . The activities of this training took place for the period of two days which included classroom sessions together with recreational activities for the participants and resource persons. There were total of 49 participants (31 girls and 18 boys).



This training was designed to aware participants about the child issues, challenges, policies practices, and future possibilities of develop together with their participation.

  1. CC members clearly know about fundamental concept of Child Rights and Child Protection.
  2. CC members will rise their voice against unnecessary separation of child from family and community, Child Abuse, Violence, Neglect, exploitation, early marriage, trafficking, abduction, traditional harmful practices and others issues of Child Rights and Child Protection.
  3. Know about Act, Laws, Bylaws, Directives, Plan and Policies which is endorsed by Government related with children.
  4. Know about institutional arrangement and referral mechanism.
  5. Know about way and process of CC formation, Child Club Network formation and their responsibilities and duties.
  6. Make action Plan of their activities.
  7. Actively participate at local activities and establish their voice at local level planning.


FIRST DAY ( 29th of December  2018)

Inauguration  session (11:00 – 11:30 AM)

All the participants arrived at Shivapuri Rural Municipality office , Sherabagar on the 27

9th of December 2018 at 9:30 AM from different schools / wards. After taking rest for some time, they took Lunch  for 30 minutes. The schedule was little changed due to technical problem and geographical difficulties. The inauguration session started from 11:00 Am however we have planned to start 10:30  AM. In presence  of RM chairperson Ramkrishna Thapa, Schools Resource person of RM shambhu Thapa, Child Right Resource person of CCWB / Facilitator of training  Rabi Gautam , Chairperson of CSN Nilakantha Acharya , other staffs of RM and CSN, the program was inaugurated by delivering their short remarks on the purpose and expectation of training as well as best wishes. Program was anchoring by Subarna Adhikari.

Second phase (Training Session)

(11:30 AM – 4:00)

This session was started In this session, representative children from 16 clubs were 49. The facilitator was Ravi Gautam, Who is child right Resource person of CCWB. During the day , children were actively participated in discussion over contents of training. The contents were Need and Wants of children, concept of child rights and it’s dimensions, child abuse, child harms, Physical punishment against children and documentary show (Good Morning Sir). During the session Subarna Adhikari and Nisha Tamang support and help to facilitator as well as management of training .Detail schedule in ANNEX.

Second Day

This session was started from 9:00 Am, after breakfast .participate were 49 from clubs during the day, children were excited and actively participated in discussion over contents of training. The contents were bulling against children, child clubs, child club works, meeting and minute technique, Budgeting, Work plan/action plan . During the session Subarna Adhikari and Nisha Tamang support and help to facilitator as well as management of training. Finally the training session was concluded at 3:00.  Detail schedule in ANNEX.

During the whole period of session, fully monitored, supervised and helped by chairperson of CSN.

Closing Ceremony

Closing ceremony was started from 3:30. At that time , RM chairperson Ramkrishna Thapa, School Resource person of RM Shambhu Thapa, Chief Administrative Executive Kishan Neupane, Program Manager of SCAI  Rajkumar Tamang , Chairperson of CSN Nilakantha Acharya were presented and delivered their short speech. The program was anchoring by Subarna Adhikarai and this training was successfully completed as scheduled.


The training methodology based on KSA theory with the emphasis on the learning activities was applied during the delivery in order to enable participants to bring changes in their knowledge, skills and attitude. Each topic began with developing the conceptual understanding of the participants, progressed with engaging them in different learning activities and ended with imparting expected changes in them. For this, one of the best globally appreciated teaching methodologies (3 P’s) -Presentation, Practice, Prescription was incorporated.

  1. i) Presentation
  • Interaction
  • Illustration
  • Demonstration
  • Success Stories
  • Videos
  1. ii) Practice
  • Sample JD’s Discussions
  • Impromptu Activities
  • Presentations
  • Role playing
  • Case Analysis
  • Brain storming
  • Group discussions
  • Worksheets
  • Assignments
  • Team Building Games
  • Motivational Activities
  • Plenary Session
  • Q and A Sessions


iii) Prescription

  • Personalized Comments and Recommendations
  • Generalized Feedback

Hard and soft copy of learning materials.

  • The training was refreshing, encouraging and motivating.
  • The recreational activities were energizing.
  • We got to learn several new ideas.
  • It was a useful opportunity for getting knowledge and experiences.
  • It is first training and ideas for us and we will implement which we got.
  • The environment was child friendly.
  • We got to learn from the expert resource persons.
  • Thank you very much to SCAI, CSN, Shivapuri RM and CCWB.


In conclusion, this training was successful in achieving the purpose and delivering the expectations. Likewise, this training has opened the mind of participants and developed their insight into different aspects of child psychology.  The program was organized under CSN/SCAI project.


  • Photographs
  • Schedule of the Training





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