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School support program

In Nepal, different communities like Tamang, Kumal and Dalit have deprived from many opportunities for their survival.


We need to make them independent for their survival. We have to generate income generation programs for them and we have to empower them and make them self independent. Specially, children have become victimized from the jobless parents because children are unable to go to school and the parents do not want send them to school. Children are compelled to stay home for household works. It is therefore, we have to focus on children education through the income generation programs to the parents making them independent.

CSN is a working as a regular partner of APC-N for school support (scholarship) program in Nuwakot.Students are getting scholarship support regularly from partnership between CSN.And for regular support we are doing income generating activities for their parents also.due to the various reason such as lack of awareness of families, poor economic situation far schools, traditional values followed by society, earthquake has destroyed property, girls are involved in families earning works from early age, Early marriage situation girls students are quit education from grade 8 or after SLC so very low number of girls students continue their higher education.


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